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Why Schedule Heating Maintenance in Lumberton? | Efficient Systems Blog

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Why Schedule Heating Maintenance in Lumberton?

What would happen to your car if you never changed the oil? It’s hard to say exactly but the effect would probably not be good. The same is true for your heating system. Whether you have a furnace, boiler, radiant floor system or a heat pump, you should make sure that it gets regular maintenance. There are tremendous benefits to this that many home owners don’t realize. We’ve put together a list of some of the huge benefits to regular heating maintenance. If you’d like to schedule heating maintenance for your heating system in Lumberton, contact the experts at Efficient Systems today.

Increased Efficiency

As your heating system wears out it gradually has to work harder to heat your home. Over time this leads to a decrease in efficiency. Having your system consistently maintained can help to slow this process. During regular maintenance, your heating technician can lubricate bearing, and change fan belts and blades. These small repairs can keep your system working to the best of its ability.

Reduced Repairs

Have you ever pulled up to a stop light in your car and heard your brakes squeal? This is normally a sign that you should replace your breaks soon. But too often we forget about it. If you let that squealing go on for too long, your breaks can start to chew up your break rotor which is much more expensive to replace than just the pads. The same is true with your heating system. When you have a technician looking over your heating system on a regular basis, they can catch small repairs before they turn into bigger, more expensive issues.

Extended Life

As we mentioned above, changing the oil in your car can potentially extend its life. The oil in your engine acts as a lubricant. As it gets dirtier, it isn’t able to lubricate the moving parts as well as it used to. By regularly changing your oil, you keep that lubrication fresh and thereby potentially extend the life of your engine. The same goes for your heating system. By regularly cleaning your heating system, flushing the fluids, cleaning the moving parts, you can most likely extend the life of your heating system.

If you’ve never had your heating system maintained and would like to start, contact Efficient Systems today. We offer complete heating maintenance services in Lumberton and can help make sure that you stay nice and warm this winter.

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