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Custom Filters by Polytron Filters

Efficient Systems - Polytron Filters

For years the throwaway air filter was considered a simple, replaceable part of your heating and cooling system. Once in a while, when your system became sluggish, you’d remember to peel out the old filter, toss it, and pop in a new one – presumably to keep your system running efficiently. Often you’d get ready to change your filter only to find out that you forgot to get some new ones when last at Walmart or the hardware store. Then your air conditioner technician tells you that the reason your cooling is not working well and your electric bills are high is primarily due to the fact that your indoor cooling coil is almost clogged with dirt, despite the fact that you’ve tried to keep your filters changed.

We know a lot more now. We know that indoor pollution is eight to ten times more likely to cause health problems than the air outdoors. We understand how indoor pollutant can trigger allergic symptoms and that if we can reduce dust, mold, pollen, and lint, and the bacteria and chemicals attached to them, people with breathing problems get better. We even know that reducing indoor air of invisible "staining" particles prevents discoloration of ceilings, wall, and furniture.

Physicians across the country – especially allergy and asthma doctors – are recommending electrostatic air cleaners to replace throwaway filters and reduce exposure to airborn particles and pollutants.

"The (Efficient Systems Clean Air) filter is working great in our office, and we are recommending it highly to all our patients. It is felt they will discover that it helps greatly in alleviating their allergy symptoms."

Jerry Turner, Clinical Supervisor
Hensel & Ball Allergy Clinic
Alexandria, Louisiana


Efficient Systems manufactures and sells two types of retail electrostatic air filters/cleaners. Both are permanent, washable, and have a lifetime warranty. Both have two filters in one: a pre–filter to attract and catch larger dust particles, and a main inner filter to collect and hold smaller particles of dust and pollutants until easily washed off with a common garden water hose. Both are excellent filters or air cleaners with a price that makes them a great value for replacing the old throwaway filter and upgrading to cleaner air.

Efficient Filters’ Clean Air Filter

Efficient Filters’ Value Air Filter

Our filters have been extensively tested by laboratories.
Click here to see some of the test results.

Polytron Filters is a separate department of Efficient Systems, Inc. with offices and manufacturing facilities located at 2410 Pope St. in Beaumont, Texas, 409–838–0540. Polytron Filters has been serving HVAC distributors all over the USA since 1984 by manufacturing nominal and custom sized electrostatic filters and other types of filters as shown in our PF Catalog. Please email or call us with your custom filter needs.


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