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AC Smells You Shouldn’t Ignore

July 5, 2022 | Blog

Have you ever started up your AC when you got home, and immediately the room was filled with a funky smell? Gross, right?

If your air conditioner is beginning to emit unusual, nasty smells, know that something is wrong with it. There could be several causes behind these stenches, such as a leak or blockage. Fortunately, our team at Efficient Systems is here to educate you on what you may experience in your home.

Types of AC Odors You May Smell

Below are a few common smells that can begin to waft from your air conditioning system, and what may be causing them.

AC Smells Like It’s Burning

If your AC unit is beginning to smell like something inside is on fire, turn it off ASAP. The only time this is normal is when you are turning your heater on for the first time in a while and the dust in your air ducts burns away.

A burning smell from your actual air conditioning means something like the circuit board, fans, or wires could be burning. Should this be the case, call a professional AC maintenance specialist to inspect it. Ask about Efficient System’s Shield of Protection plan, which can help you with any future repairs to your AC.

Possible Rotten Egg Smell

Unfortunately, small rodents and animals, or insects, can lodge themselves in your AC unit and die. On occasion, they can also crawl into your ductwork and nest there. That distinct rotten egg smell is more than likely coming from a dead rodent stuck inside.

You can always take preventive action, and pest-proof your AC system, before this happens. To rid this smell and any possible carcasses, it is best to contact a professional for removal and to seal up any entryways.

Car Exhaust Odor

One of the more dangerous smells that could be coming from your AC, this familiar smell means that there is a leak inside your system. More than likely it is the refrigerant leaking, and releasing chemicals into the air.

These chemicals can be hazardous and toxic to humans and animals. This should be checked immediately by a professional, and not fixed by yourself. In the meantime, keep your home as well ventilated as possible by opening windows and doors.

AC Smells Musty Or Moldy

If your air conditioning system is beginning to emit mildew or moldy smell, it could be several things. For example, it could be water that has begun to accumulate in the drain pain or ducts, causing mildew to grow.

Another reason could be that your AC filters are dirty, and not working at full efficiency anymore. In areas that have warmer temperatures and high humidity, moisture can cling to your filters and cause these musty or moldy smells that begin blowing into your home. To prevent this, change out your filters regularly every month.

Sudden Gas Or Skunk Smells

If you notice a strong gas or skunk-like odor in your home, more than likely it is methyl mercaptan. Methyl mercaptan is added by many companies as an odorant to natural gas. It is distinct for its strong rotten smell.

Should you smell this in your home, it means there is gas leaking into your ductwork and AC system. Immediately turn off your gas line and contact your utility company to assess the situation. Do not try to solve this yourself.

Say Goodbye To Bad AC Smells, and Hello To Efficient Systems!

Now that you know what causes any possible smells you are noticing from your air conditioner, you can begin to take action. While some odors can be quick fixes yourself, others require professional maintenance and upkeep.

The longer you put this off getting your AC smells checked out, the more you risk damaging your AC and running into costly repairs or a whole replacement. For all Beaumont AC repair and replacement questions, contact our team at Efficient Systems today!

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