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Everything You Need To Know About SEER Ratings

If you are facing an AC replacement or upgrade, you may think the most important thing to worry about is the cost or logistics of getting the unit replaced. While these are valid worries, you should prioritize the quality of your new unit so that your investment provides you with AC energy savings and maximum comfort.

Plus, with Efficient Systems on your side, you’ll never have to worry about the installation process. Our team of qualified experts take that stress off of your shoulders and provide stellar service every single time. We believe in comprehensive service, which means we want you to know everything there is to know about your AC replacement – including what its SEER rating is and how it can produce higher AC efficiency.

What Does SEER Mean?

A Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) is assigned to every single air conditioner on the market. It measures the capability of the system to use a certain amount of energy to cool air. The lower the system’s required energy to adequate cool air, the higher the level of efficiency. 

It’s important to note that SEER ratings are like the miles per gallon measurement on your car. You may get a lot more miles per gallon on the highway, but your car doesn’t always function at maximum efficiency. Neither does your AC, but the SEER rating gives you an average limit of where your AC could be running for part of the year.

What SEER Rating Is Best For Me?

Due to the variable nature of air conditioners and how their efficiencies can change, there is no one SEER rating that is best for everyone. Manufacturers require that the industry minimum be 13 SEER, but the best fit for your home could differ from that number.

Your cooling requirements – and even your geographic location – can affect the SEER rating that’s best for you. Here in the Southwest, the industry minimum for SEER rating is actually 14. We have to combat higher temperatures and levels of humidity in our climate, which puts more demand on the AC units we own. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Higher SEER Ratings?

Just because the SEER rating is high doesn’t mean that it is better for your situation. SEER ratings determine efficiency, but you want to make sure that this one aspect does not outweigh all the others – like budget, size and kind. 


A higher SEER rating is all but guaranteed to provide more accurate comfort to your home. Whether this means quicker cooling or more consistent temperatures, your home will experience a more thorough cooling. Plus, the reduction in energy consumption that your AC uses will show up in your utility bill for the month!


The main con to a higher SEER rating is the consequential price attached to it. When AC units can do their jobs better, they tend to cost more. Keep in mind that a 14 or 15 SEER unit could cool your home just fine and stay within your budget.

Reliable Beaumont Air Conditioner Installation

When you need to replace your existing AC unit or buy a brand new one for your home, you’ll need professional help along the way. That’s why Efficient Systems has dedicated years to learning every in and out of the installation process. When you have questions, we have answers. Trust us to help you out! Give us a call today!

Why Choose Efficient Systems?

We guarantee that the equipment we have installed will perform as we have stated, or we will remove it and return 100% of your investment.
If we do not have your new system operating by the date promised, we will pay you $500 for your inconvenience.
You will save a minimum of 30% on your heating and cooling costs or we will refund double-the-difference of your savings not realized during the first year.

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