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My AC Is Making A Noise! (When To Call For Professional AC Repair)

In Texas, our air conditioners have to be dependable, or else we risk discomfort and even danger! Is your air conditioner making noise? Don’t ignore it! Any AC noise can spell trouble for you and your home – especially during the searing summer months!

Efficient Systems is here to help you recognize when your AC sounds wrong and what common air conditioner problems could be the cause. Our team is dedicated to customer awareness and excellent service, so you never have to worry once we’re on your case!

What Are Normal AC Noises?

Here in Beaumont, we are pretty familiar with the sound of our air conditioners running. With the majority of our year weighed down by high levels of humidity and soaring temperatures, we are no strangers to that hum through the wall or the rush of air from our vents. In fact, those are the only sounds your AC should be making. 

If you don’t know what your AC sounds like during a normal cooling cycle, take some time to familiarize yourself. This will help you to be better prepared for any unusual sounds in the future. Strange or loud sounds are nearly always a sign that you need Beaumont AC repair services.

Concerning AC Noises That Require Repairs

Rattling, Clanking & Banging

Some of the most noticeable sounds usually emit from the outside unit of your AC. Make a point to observe your outdoor unit periodically so that sounds like these are addressed sooner rather than later. 

The outdoor unit houses several mechanical components that can break or come loose, causing the banging sounds as the machinery tries to move regularly. You don’t want that loose piece to cause even more damage inside the unit, so it’s best to power down the system and call for professional HVAC repair.


Any time you hear a buzzing sound in your AC system, it often indicates an electrical problem. The fan, motor or electrical components could short out or be struggling. Electricity is always a dangerous element to work with, so we encourage you to contact a professional who specializes in AC repair. 

Hissing & Whistling

If you hear a high-pitched whistle or hissing sound, the air is escaping from a cracked tube. This tube is often the coil that houses the refrigerant for your system. Because refrigerant is dangerous for human exposure – and an expensive component – you should act quickly to shut down the system and call a professional. Never attempt to fix a refrigerant leak on your own!


When liquid is audibly moving around, you are likely to hear a water leak from your condensate line. You want to make sure that moisture is exiting the system properly, so locate the condensate drain tube if possible. You can identify if there are any visible cracks to seal or rely on your local experts to take care of the problem.


High pitched squealing is the sound of building pressure. Your AC unit does have sensors to limit the level of pressure, but if these sensors are broken or malfunctioning, the pressure may reach dangerous levels. Shut down the unit and call for professional repairs.

Unparalleled AC Repair In Beaumont

We understand the heat of Texas better than anyone, and that’s why we want to get your unit running in prime condition as soon as possible. As soon as you hear an odd AC sound, investigate and call a professional. Our team here at Efficient Systems is ready and willing to make quick and easy repairs. Contact us today for more information!

Why Choose Efficient Systems?

We guarantee that the equipment we have installed will perform as we have stated, or we will remove it and return 100% of your investment.
If we do not have your new system operating by the date promised, we will pay you $500 for your inconvenience.
You will save a minimum of 30% on your heating and cooling costs or we will refund double-the-difference of your savings not realized during the first year.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Very Professional

James was very professional and knowledgeable. Fixed the unit quickly and explained the process and effects of the repair/maintenance. Will always call ES from now on! Very happy with the work.

Joni N.

Top Notch Service

James, the technician was very efficient and professional. Our attic space is very challenging to access and he managed to survive the adventure stoically! Did a great job of explaining system status and what was checked. Top notch overall.

Jim L.

Outstanding Service

105 heat index day and AC not working correctly. Ryan Boyles was the tech that came to help. Diagnosed problem very quickly and fixed the issue. Looked at warranty package and determined the repair was warranty work…so NO charge. Outstanding.

Roy O.