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The Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

When it comes to paying for regular AC maintenance services, many homeowners find themselves wondering if it’s really worth it. If your AC seems to be working fine, why would you call a technician out to look at it? However, there are several short and long-term benefits to having a comprehensive AC tune-up done on your AC system each year that make the investment well worth it.

Increase Energy Efficiency

When a professional HVAC technician performs a tune-up, they clean all of the parts, make sure everything is working properly and fix things when needed. This ensures that your air conditioner is working at maximum efficiency throughout the strain of summer and beyond. An air conditioner that works at its best will save you money on energy bills because it won’t have to work as hard to meet your cooling needs. Yearly maintenance will keep your AC in top condition throughout its entire life.

Catch Repairs Earlier

It’s common for small problems in your AC to go some time unnoticed if they’re not having a major effect on the system, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interfering with or even damaging the system. Regular AC tune-ups are the best way to catch these issues before they cause bigger, more costly problems. 

During a proper tune-up, the technician will take note of any issues and recommend repairs, often being able to perform them during the same visit. Not only does catching these issues early save you the hassle of dealing with repairs later on, but it also saves you money.

Prevent Breakdowns

AC tune-ups are often referred to as preventative maintenance since they help prevent problems such as system breakdowns. When your AC goes into summertime without a tune-up, you run the risk of a system breakdown that will leave you uncomfortable and frustrated in the heat of summer. Tune-ups give your AC a boost to keep the system running at its best throughout the warmer months.

Extend the Life of Your AC

Investing a small amount in AC tune-ups throughout your air conditioner’s life can save you big in the long run, helping your AC last longer than its expected lifespan. An AC that’s kept working at maximum efficiency and doesn’t wear under the strain of unnoticed repairs or major breakdowns will last longer than one that hasn’t been well taken care of. Small tune-ups each year can help you push off the cost of buying a new AC unit by several years.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Very Professional

James was very professional and knowledgeable. Fixed the unit quickly and explained the process and effects of the repair/maintenance. Will always call ES from now on! Very happy with the work.

Joni N.

Top Notch Service

James, the technician was very efficient and professional. Our attic space is very challenging to access and he managed to survive the adventure stoically! Did a great job of explaining system status and what was checked. Top notch overall.

Jim L.

Outstanding Service

105 heat index day and AC not working correctly. Ryan Boyles was the tech that came to help. Diagnosed problem very quickly and fixed the issue. Looked at warranty package and determined the repair was warranty work…so NO charge. Outstanding.

Roy O.