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How To Fight Texas Allergies One IAQ Solution At A Time

We are no stranger to allergies here in Beaumont. In fact, Texas is ranked in the top worst places for allergy sufferers in the country! That means it’s extremely important to be ready to face ragweed, cedar, oak or any other allergy throughout the year. If you’re tired of Beaumont seasonal allergies, it’s time to consider some indoor air quality solutions.

Efficient Systems wants your home to be a comfortable place to live, but it should also keep your air as clean as you need it to. If your home could fight to reduce your allergy symptoms, wouldn’t you want it to?

Finding The Source Of Air Contaminants

Pollen, dirt, dust and any other outdoor material can enter your home in a number of ways. You need to either address all of them or find out which ones are having the biggest impact on your home. Some common ways your indoor air is polluted are:

  • Leaks in your ductwork
  • Inadequate AC filters
  • Your shoes or clothes

Take the appropriate steps to limit these avenues that contaminants use to enter your home. Find an air sealing service to evaluate your ducts. Purchase window caulk and weather stripping to make sure your windows and doors are properly sealed. Upgrade your AC filter to catch different contaminants. Leave your shoes at the door. You may be surprised by how much your air quality changes!

Implementing Best Cleaning Practices

Not only can pollen get stuck on the fabrics in your home, but it can also stick to your AC filter or inside your air ducts! Make sure you are vacuuming and cleaning regularly, but also attend to your HVAC system. Your AC filter can be checked every month during allergy season — especially if you are highly sensitive to Texas allergies. You should also check your air ducts for large amounts of dust or grime accumulating. If pollen sticks to the pathway that air comes from, every gust of air from the vents could be contaminated! 

Testing Your IAQ

You may wonder how a test can do anything better than you’ve already done to fight off invading allergies, but it’s a really great tool available to you. When a home is being plagued by high levels of air contaminants, it’s important to find out which contaminants are hanging around at the highest levels. You can struggle to use broad anti-allergy cleaning habits and processes, or you could find out which pollutants are the main problem. The key is targeting the specific particles in your home, and then finding a solution to combat them.

Pursuing Professional IAQ Solutions

In the end, your sensitivity to allergies in Texas is going to be addressed the best by a professional IAQ solution. Your AC is only designed to filter the basic particles from your air, but there are many more things escaping that filter that could be affecting your health. For example, only specific filters are designed to remove smoke and odors from the air. It all depends on the grade of AC filter you have.

Our team at Efficient Systems would be happy to listen to your needs and offer a filtration solution. A portable purifier might work for specific areas of your home, but AC add-ons are effective in cleaning the air throughout the entire home! Using an air purifier for allergies might be the best investment you make in your home.

Start Breathing Deeper!

We Texans have to stick together. That’s why we care about your lung health throughout the year. Whether you are affected in the Spring, Fall or every month in between, we have a solution for you. All you have to do is give us a call!

Why Choose Efficient Systems?

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