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Can A Storm Damage My HVAC Unit?

May 22, 2023 | Blog

This rainy season, be sure to watch out for heavy winds or debris flying around near your home. After a heavy storm, you might notice some changes to your HVAC unit. Whether it’s a new foul odor in your home or your air conditioner is giving you problems, your system could have been damaged from the storm.

You should always get routine maintenance on your unit after a storm or if you sense any problems with your unit. But, you don’t have to wait for the damage to be done. Efficient Systems want to share ways in which our Beaumont clients can protect their outdoor units from damage during a storm.

Power Down Your Unit Before The Storm Hits

If you see the clouds rolling in and the weather news starts buzzing, that’s your signal to turn off your AC system. If your system stays on and the power goes out, you put your home at risk for a power surge when everything comes back on.

Power surges come from a large amount of electricity suddenly turning on in the system. This could overwork your appliances and cause electrical fires. From your kitchen appliances to your HVAC system, everything should be powered off to protect your home against a power surge.

Protect Your Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit is in the most vulnerable place during a storm. Compared to your other appliances, your outdoor unit is susceptible to physical damage from a heavy storm. During harsh weather conditions, your HVAC system could experience damage such as:

  • Damaged refrigerant lines
  • A submerged or clogged condenser
  • Shorted circuits from a damaged motor or fan

Any of these damages could come from debris flying through the air or flooding around the unit. They can lead to electrical fires, unpleasant odors and constant noises if left untreated. The best way to keep your outdoor unit from harm is by covering it with waterproof material.

Using a vinyl condenser cover or a tarp could go a long way in protecting your unit. If you want to add extra precaution, you could add a metal or wooden frame to protect against tougher debris. Save yourself from repair costs for your outdoor unit and invest in a long-term solution to avoid storm damage.

Relocate Or Strap Down Your Outdoor Furniture

After all that hard work decorating your yard, you want to make sure none of it gets sent flying. Heavy winds can pick up large furniture and loose items and toss them around in unpredictable spots. This could cause hazardous situations for your outdoor unit and your home.

You can strap down your AC unit and any large furniture so they don’t topple over from the winds. Clear out any small items like your child’s or your pet’s toys before they cause any damage, too. This will protect you from any outdoor damages and the costs that may come with AC repair.

Looking For Furnace Repair In Beaumont?

Taking these steps will prepare you for damage that could come to your AC unit, but there are some damages that are just unpredictable. Our technicians at Efficient Systems take care of damages that come from heavy storms or any other Beaumont AC repair you may need. If you found signs of damage from your unit, contact us for a consultation!

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James was very professional and knowledgeable. Fixed the unit quickly and explained the process and effects of the repair/maintenance. Will always call ES from now on! Very happy with the work.

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James, the technician was very efficient and professional. Our attic space is very challenging to access and he managed to survive the adventure stoically! Did a great job of explaining system status and what was checked. Top notch overall.

Jim L.

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105 heat index day and AC not working correctly. Ryan Boyles was the tech that came to help. Diagnosed problem very quickly and fixed the issue. Looked at warranty package and determined the repair was warranty work…so NO charge. Outstanding.

Roy O.