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Do I Need a New Thermostat?

July 27, 2021 | Blog

Your thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system. Its job is to read the temperature of the home and communicate with the cooling and heating units to maintain the temperature you set. Without a working thermostat, your AC system doesn’t work properly — so how do you know if you need a new one?

Signs You Need a New Thermostat

For the most part, your thermostat is self-sufficient. The only time you notice it is if you need to change the temperature. But if you recognize some of the signs below, you probably need to replace your thermostat.

Your AC Keeps Turning On or Off

It’s your thermostat’s job to turn the HVAC system on or off when needed. If your AC keeps getting stuck on or stays off regardless of the temperature, your thermostat is most likely to blame.

False Temperature Readings

Does it feel like your thermostat reading doesn’t match the temperature in your home? If so, check the accuracy of your thermostat by using portable indoor thermometers. If the reading is faulty, it’s probably time for a new thermostat.

Unusually High Energy Bills

If your energy bills are skyrocketing out of the norm, the thermostat may be causing the HVAC system to run inefficiently. Have a professional HVAC company like Efficient Systems send a technician to inspect your system and pinpoint the problem. You may need to replace your thermostat.

Shifts in the Temperature

Have you ever thought maybe your thermostat has a mind of its own? You’re not going crazy! If your thermostat is changing temperature settings on its own, it’s time for a new one. You can test for this problem by marking a specific temperature and seeing if the thermostat changes it.

The Thermostat is Too Old

Like all appliances, thermostats will need to be replaced when they reach the end of their lifespan. Most thermostats last about 10 years, but yours may need to be replaced sooner if it’s having problems. You may even decide that, while your current thermostat doesn’t need to be replaced yet, getting a more efficient one is the best choice.

Unresponsive to Setting Changes

When you change your thermostat settings, it should respond promptly enough that you notice. If you change the temperature settings on your thermostat and nothing happens, your thermostat isn’t working for you. You may notice this problem if you turn the AC down and the system doesn’t begin cycling within a few moments.

Short-Cycling System

You learn to drown out the sound of the HVAC system in your home cycling on and off, but it’s pretty obvious when something is wrong. If you notice your HVAC system turning on and off frequently, your thermostat could be turning the system off before it reaches the desired temperature, which is called short cycling. If you notice this, call a professional to inspect the system.

Choosing a New Thermostat

When you’re choosing your replacement thermostat, Efficient Systems recommends that homeowners get a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats making managing your HVAC system easy, allowing you to change the temperature, program a schedule and more all from your smartphone. Some of them even learn your habits to intuitively manage the HVAC system more efficiently!

When you’re ready for a new thermostat, contact Efficient Systems and begin a service request online.

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