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Ductless vs Traditional HVAC Systems

August 25, 2023 | Blog

Picture this: you’re thinking about buying a new HVAC system. Maybe you’ve heard of ductless and traditional HVAC systems and are curious about their differences. Which one will be best suited for your space?

Our team at Efficient Systems would like to share the differences between these two types of air conditioners with you. There are pros and cons to each that are important to consider before making the investment!

The Difference Between Ductless vs. Traditional HVAC Systems

Ductless and traditional systems, also known as central air conditioners, have similarities. They both consist of a condenser located outside a home and an evaporator that is part of the air handler located inside a home. Coolant passes between both units, carrying heat from indoors to the outdoor unit, where it is released.

In a traditional air conditioner, cool air is sent through the air handler on your furnace and into the ductwork. Here it is carried into the rest of the house.

Ductless mini-splits are one of the more recent developments in HVAC technology. Ductless technology uses a slim cable to connect the two units and provide adequate temperatures to your home. No ductwork is involved in this process.

Benefits Of Mini-Split Air Conditioning

A centralized cooling unit is known for maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout a home. However, the ducts tend to be difficult to maintain. This causes people to consider the benefits of a ductless system. A few advantages of this technology are:

  • They are easy to install
  • Comfort can be personalized
  • They use less energy
  • Less maintenance is required

These systems are easy to install because there are no ducts. A hole is installed in the wall to connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit with wiring and the refrigerant line. You can also control the cooling in specific rooms instead of all of them being the same temperature. Maintenance involves cleaning the filters regularly without the ducts.

If these reasons appeal to you, mini-split technology might be for you. The professionals at Efficient Systems can help determine if your home would be a good fit for them!

Drawbacks Of Ductless Air Conditioning

While a mini-split air conditioning unit has many benefits, it’s essential to consider the drawbacks before making your final decision. A few disadvantages are:

  • They’re not ideal for big homes
  • They may struggle in extreme temperatures
  • Installation costs can be more expensive
  • Repairs are more labor-intensive

These systems aren’t suitable for everyone. The decision between mini-split and traditional air conditioning will depend on your personal preferences and the needs of your home. A reputable HVAC technician can help you determine which AC unit will benefit your space the most.

Count On Us For Beaumont Ductless AC Installation

Now that you’ve considered the pros and cons of a ductless AC unit, it’s time to make your final decision! If you need more advice on whether a professional mini-split installation is for you, give our team at Efficient Systems a call. Our professionals provide reliable AC installation in the Beaumont area. We want to make sure you’re making the best choices when it comes to investing in a new HVAC system. Reach out today to schedule your next service!

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