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Furnace Replacement Services

Furnace Replacement Services in Orange

If the furnace in your home is no longer providing ample heat or if it is breaking down frequently and costing a fortune to keep operational each winter, the time may have come to have a new one installed. Efficient Systems Heating & Air Conditioning offers comprehensive Orange furnace replacement services that will ensure your home’s new furnace is as reliable as your old one when it was new. From sizing your new system to ensuring it is properly installed, call the experts of Efficient Systems today to learn more about what we can do for you.

The Right Time for Orange Furnace Replacement

There are a few situations in which furnace replacement makes sense. The first and most common reason is that your furnace simply does not work properly any longer. If your furnace is not providing ample heating, or if it must run for twice or three times as long to provide the same amount of heat, a replacement is a good investment.

Not only will a replacement ensure your furnace doesn’t break down on you when you least expect it; it will ensure your furnace is ready for the most extreme temperatures you might experience and that your bills are not higher than normal as a result.

Another reason you might consider having a replacement installed for your furnace is that you may want to avoid all those costly repairs you seem to be calling for every winter. A furnace that requires frequent repairs often won’t last for much longer anyways, and the cost of all those repairs will soon offset whatever expense is involved in replacing the system.

The Furnace Replacement Process for Orange Homes

Once you decide it is time to have a new furnace installed in your home, the first step is to choose a furnace that matches your heating needs. We will do this by inspecting your existing installation and ensuring that you have everything you need. Other upgrades may include your air handler, the ductwork, your thermostat or any components in your cooling system that are connected to the ventilation system.

The replacement process itself can usually be done in a single day, with the new system installed and all old components removed and properly disposed of quickly so you can test and enjoy your new furnace right away.

If you are interested in having a new furnace installed in your Orange home, the first step is to call Efficient Systems and ask one of our trained experts to visit and discuss with you your options. We can help you select a model that fits all of your specific heating needs, then remove your existing system and install the new one to ensure it will work as needed for years to come.