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Heat Pump Replacement Services

Heat Pump Replacement Services in Orange

If you are interested in learning more about having a new heat pump installed in your home, call the experts of Efficient Systems Heating & Air Conditioning today. We offer comprehensive heat pump replacement services for Orange homes and can ensure your new model matches all of your particular heating and cooling needs. Whether your old system is well overdue for replacement or you are simply interested in taking advantage of the newest high–efficiency models on the market, call us today to learn more.

The Many Benefits of Orange Heat Pump Replacement

If you need a new heat pump installed in your home, there are many benefits to taking action sooner than later. To start with, a new heat pump will almost certainly offer a higher efficiency rating than that of your current system. Existing heat pumps, especially those more than 10 years old, are generally upwards of 60% less efficient than comparably priced new units. If your existing system has lost efficiency or is breaking down frequently, then an upgrade will provide a number of cost benefits in this regard.

Another common benefit of having your existing heat pump replaced is that you can have a preventive maintenance plan started from day one and ensure your system is properly inspected once or twice a year, greatly reducing the need for repairs. If your current system requires repair calls once or twice a year as is, this can result in a huge savings.

The Replacement Process for Your Orange Heat Pump

Once you decide it is time to have a new heat pump installed in your home, you need a professional to visit your home and help you choose a new system to match your needs. Once this is done, we will work with you to remove any existing components from your property and replace them with newer, higher efficiency alternatives. While the heat pump condenser and coils will be replaced, you may also stand to benefit from an upgrade to your air handler and if you are converting from a furnace/air conditioner combo, you will need both old units removed, which can be a major undertaking – something we can handle for you.

If the time has come to take action and replace the existing heat pump in your home, the first thing you should do is call someone to visit your property and perform a thorough inspection. That someone is Efficient Systems. We have worked with homeowners throughout the region for more than 30 years and can ensure whatever heat pump we recommend and then install is properly matched to the specific needs of your home. Call today to learn more about our Orange heat pump replacement services.