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HVAC Myths That Are NOT Helping Cool Your Home

September 21, 2021 | Blog

Getting your home’s internal temperature exactly to your liking can be difficult. A couple of degrees can make a huge difference, especially as you’re trying to cool your home down. Some people go to extreme lengths to cool their homes. And while your home should certainly be comfortable for you, there are many home cooling and HVAC myths you might be practicing that don’t actually work. 

Avoid the following AC myths as they won’t help you cool your home. 

The Lower You Set Your Thermostat, the Faster Your Home Will Cool

The idea that your home will be cooled faster if you turn your thermostat down multiple degrees at once is one of the more commonly practiced AC myths. Unless your air conditioning system is specially equipped with speed settings, your home will cool at the same rate no matter how low you set the temperature. 

You Should Turn Your AC Off When You Leave Your House

The notion that turning your air conditioner off anytime you’re away is better for your system is also one of the most common HVAC myths. This can actually be harmful and more detrimental to your system as your home will warm significantly while you’re gone, meaning that it will just have to work harder to cool your home later on. Straining your system in this way could also result in more serious damage and require you to need an AC tune-up.

One of the various air conditioning tips you can use, rather than practicing misleading AC myths, is purchasing and installing an HVAC system that can be programmed. A programmable system will allow you to ensure your home stays at a certain temperature when you’re away and can alleviate some of your system’s pressure.

You Can Save Energy By Closing the AC Vents 

Similar to the way that turning off your air conditioner when you leave your house can cause system damage and require AC maintenance, closing your air vents is another one of the AC myths that, when practiced, can cause system damage or strain. Many people who frequently close their air conditioning vents throughout their home also think that this practice saves energy, but it actually doesn’t. 

Your AC Must Be Faulty if Your Home Isn’t Getting Cooled

The culprit at fault for your home not being cool isn’t always your AC system. Before you schedule any maintenance or get your HVAC unit replaced, you should try some other reputable tips rather than indulging in more AC myths. There are plenty of professionals and professional sources, such as our website and team members at Efficient Systems, that can offer valuable HVAC tips and advice on what to do if you’re experiencing issues with your home’s temperature. 

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Even if you don’t think you’re indulging in any HVAC myths, you should contact a professional to see if the tips you’re using are actually helpful and effective. Here at Efficient Systems, we have an experienced team of technicians who can help you identify reputable air conditioning tips to help you stay cool and comfortable in your home. We also offer a range of services and can provide you with an AC tune-up if your system isn’t operating correctly. 

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