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Is Your House Making You Sick?

February 28, 2023 | Blog

Did you know that your house could be the reason for your allergies? Things like dust, mold, pests, cleaning supplies and tobacco smoke could be the indoor allergens that are affecting you daily. Keeping your space clean and well-kept is a key component of a healthy home.

Efficient Systems is here to help you understand what might be causing you to feel bad in your own home. Read on to learn more about how your home could be affecting your health and what you can do to prevent it!

What Is Sick Building Syndrome?

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a condition related to being in an enclosed space with poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Since the symptoms of SBS are similar to many other conditions like allergies, a cold or the flu, it can be difficult to diagnose. These symptoms may affect:

  • Your skin (itchy skin, rash, chills, fever)
  • Your respiratory system (trouble breathing, sore throat, runny nose)
  • Your neurological system (fatigue, headache, forgetfulness)

You may be wondering if SBS can mimic other illnesses, how can you determine if you’re being affected? A key indicator of SBS is if your symptoms seem to fade when you leave a certain building or location, and then those symptoms return when you spend time in that area again. You may notice this when you return home from a vacation or return to work after having a few days off.

Causes Of SBS

If you’re experiencing SBS symptoms and suspect that your home is the root cause, your symptoms are likely related to indoor air quality. Every time you open a window or door, or your AC unit cycles air from the outside into your home, contaminants from the outside are being brought indoors.

In months where there’s a higher volume of allergens in the air, the air quality will typically be lower. Older homes will generally have poorer IAQ than newer ones. This is because parts of your home start to break down over time when exposed to air and sunlight. Asbestos, formaldehyde and mold are all detrimental to indoor air quality, as well as pollutants such as pet dander and tobacco smoke.

SBS Treatment And Prevention

Understanding the underlying factors related to SBS is beneficial when identifying possible solutions. Some of these factors, such as the fluctuating Beaumont air quality, are out of your control. Try to focus on factors within your influence!

Over-the-counter medication can help alleviate some minor SBS symptoms. However, if you are experiencing more severe symptoms such as trouble breathing or memory loss, it’s important to consult with a doctor immediately to receive the appropriate care. Replacing your AC filter, or washing the filter if it’s reusable, can also help in instances where your filter hasn’t been changed in a while.

Beaumont Indoor Air Quality

For a more long term solution, indoor air quality testing is a good place to start. Having a licensed technician inspect your system and perform routine maintenance will always be the best way to ensure your IAQ is the best it can be. Contact Efficient Systems today to see how you can improve your air quality and home health!

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