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Pests That Can Sneak Into Your Heating System

December 16, 2021 | Blog

Did you know pests will sneak into your home now that the weather is getting colder? Pests can cause massive damage to your home, especially the heating system you’re using to warm your home! At Efficient Systems, we’re here to tell you what type of winter pests will get into your home, and what damages they could be causing to your heating system.

Pests You May Find During The Winter


To keep warm, rodents will hang around in the ductwork – one of the important parts of your HVAC system. Your ductwork carries air to cool or heat your home. Over time, your air ducts can develop cracks, letting small pests inside, leading to chewed-up wiring and droppings all over. You will most likely see rats, squirrels and mice making nests inside your ductwork.


Some rodents like to go to attics, where most of the HVAC systems’ insulations reside. The most common culprit to entering attics are raccoons. Because the warm air stays in the attic, they sleep there and do their business there. Insulation is an important part of the heating unit, it’s to keep your home warm without letting it escape. They can damage your insulation and cause problems to your heating unit. You may have to replace the insulation and other damages raccoons made.


Another location rodents live in is the chimney and roof vents – most commonly, squirrels. This is an issue because they can block the ventilation that’s needed for the home. It also creates a fire hazard, smoke issues and can reroute the smoke back inside your home. 


You will more than likely find bugs inside your heating unit, no matter the time of year. Bugs often go to your furnace or water heater and can damage your heater unit. They range from cockroaches, stinkbugs, silverfish and others.

This becomes a problem if the bugs manage to get straight into your HVAC unit, which depends on sensors to do its job of heating the home. These bugs can eat away the delicate sensor systems such as the wirings. If you suspect that your HVAC unit damaged wiring due to bugs or rodents, contact a professional immediately to inspect your unit.


Snakes will very often look for a warm place to hibernate during the winter. Most of the time, you won’t even know you have snakes residing in your heating unit until your HVAC system stops working completely. It’s a good idea to inspect your unit as often as you can to prevent these critters from moving in! 

How To Prevent Pests From Coming Into Your Heating Unit

To prevent pests from coming and damaging your heating unit, follow these steps:

  • Repair any cracks in your ductwork
  • Cover and repair cracks going into your attic
  • Cover vents and chimneys with metal grates
  • Inspect and clean out your unit and vents
  • Make sure your home is well-sealed to prevent bugs 

Contact us at Efficient Systems if you’re in need of heating services this season. Our team of professionals specialized in HVAC installation, repair and more! 

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