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Pests That Can Sneak Into Your Heating System

February 12, 2024 | Blog

Protect Your Home’s Comfort From Common Pests

As the chill of winter creeps in, your cozy home becomes a prime target for pests seeking shelter. These unwelcome visitors are not just a nuisance. They can wreak havoc on your heating system, the heart of your home’s warmth.

Join us at Efficient Systems as we explore the types of winter pests that invade homes and the potential damage they can inflict on your heating systems.

Pests You May Find During The Winter

As winter sets in, it’s crucial to recognize the common pests that seek refuge in the warmth of our homes. Identifying these common intruders is key for preventing them from causing harm to your heating system and ensuring a comfortable, pest-free environment.

1. Rodents

To keep warm, rodents will hang around in one of the important parts of your HVAC system — your ductwork. Over time, your ducts can develop cracks that let small pests inside. This can lead to chewed-up wiring and animal droppings all over.

The rodents you’re most likely to see making nests inside your ductwork include rats, squirrels and mice. If you hear something crawling in your vents, it’s likely these uninvited guests. Rodents can cause physical damage and also pose health risks due to the pathogens they carry.

2. Raccoons

Attics are attractive hideouts for many animals, with raccoons being among the most frequent visitors. Once inside, these animals will have access to your ductwork and insulation. Raccoons can easily damage this insulation and create problems with your heating unit, decreasing the system’s efficiency.

3. Squirrels

Squirrels have been known to make their homes in chimneys and roof vents. This is an issue because they can block the ventilation that’s needed for the home. When this issue occurs, it can lead to fire hazards and smoke issues.

When vents are blocked, it can reroute the smoke back inside your home! Squirrels can be persistent problems, and they may require professional removal to ensure they don’t return.

4. Bugs

If you’re wondering whether roaches like air conditioning and heating systems, they do! These aren’t the only bugs you can expect to find though. Pest problems can range from cockroaches in vents, fungus gnats in your HVAC system, silverfish in your home and more.

No matter the time of year, bugs are drawn to the warm, dark spaces and water that ACs and furnaces provide. These bugs can eat away important system parts such as the wirings.

Their presence can be more than a nuisance, as they can cause electrical malfunctions and fire hazards. If you suspect your HVAC unit has been damaged due to bugs, contact a professional to inspect your unit.

5. Snakes

Snakes will often look for a warm place to hibernate during the winter. Most of the time, you won’t even know you have snakes residing in your heating unit until your system stops working completely.

The Importance Of Pest Control: Why Timely Action Is Crucial

Ignoring the signs of pests in your heating system can be costly. For instance, these animals can quickly cause damage to your system. This issue will decrease efficiency and increase energy costs. Your system will also need to be repaired, and without quick solutions, the repair costs may grow.

Moreover, the health risks associated with pests, such as allergens from droppings or the spread of diseases, make it vital to address issues promptly. Early detection and swift action can save you from the inconvenience and expense of significant problems.

How To Prevent Pests From Coming Into Your Heating Unit

Just because pests want to use your home for shelter doesn’t mean you have to let them! To prevent these animals from entering and damaging your heating unit, follow these steps:

  • Repair any cracks in your ductwork
  • Cover and repair cracks going into your attic
  • Cover vents and chimneys with metal grates
  • Inspect and clean out your unit and vents
  • Make sure your home is well-sealed to prevent bugs

While these steps should help, there’s always a risk that animals will be able to find a way in. If you notice heater damage as a result, give our team at Efficient Systems a call! We can provide the repairs you need.

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