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Questions To Ask Your Furnace Technician

December 29, 2022 | Blog

One of the best parts about handling your HVAC system is you don’t have to do it alone! When you’re facing problems with your home services, it can be tempting to try to fix them by yourself. However, we here at Efficient Systems specialize in Beaumont furnace repair, taking the guesswork out of good service!

We know it can be hard to ask a question when you don’t know where to start – the world of HVAC systems can be complicated! Wondering about heater performance, lifespan and efficiency is all a normal part of home ownership. This is why our technicians will gladly answer any questions you have. After all, we’re here to fix the problem, and knowing that you’re taking proper care of your furnace is a part of our job!

Heater Maintenance Questions

One of the issues that homeowners miss out on the most is maintaining their systems. Looking into what kind of care your appliances need can extend their lifespan and take a massive strain off of your wallet. Seasonal heater maintenance can be used to prevent a lot of problems with furnaces, such as:

  • Clogging
  • Overheating
  • Rust
  • Strange smells

Ask your technician about air filters and specific part maintenance if you notice that your furnace is acting differently. Not only can our technicians provide valuable insight into where problems begin, but they can also give you fixes in an emergency! We’re proud to provide information about what your unit needs to succeed. This can include air filters, different types of pipes and system cleaning.

Heater Replacement Questions

Sometimes, the problem runs deeper than basic maintenance. If you’re frequently investing in furnace repairs, it may be time to ask about its efficiency and age. Older heaters often run much less efficiently and have more problems. This means you have to pay more for repairs and your energy bill is often high!

This is why it is extremely important to ask your technician about the SEER rating of your current machine. The national minimum allowed for new units in the United States is 14, but older units aren’t under the same regulations. A SEER rating of 14 or below indicates you are getting less heat for more money. The best way to solve this is to look for a new heater.

Heater Installation Questions

When you’re looking for a new heater, ask your technician their recommendations for your house and specific needs. Furnaces often perform very differently and can be less effective for some, depending on what the homeowner expects out of it. Asking an expert about what would work best for your needs will provide great insight into what you should be looking for.

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At Efficient Systems, we want to help your family through those Texas winters. Booking Beaumont heater replacement has never been easier! If your furnace is 10 years or older, it’s high time for a replacement that will pay off for years to come. This means you get more bang for your buck, and we get the satisfaction of helping another home! Call today to schedule your repair.

Why Choose Efficient Systems?

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Very Professional

James was very professional and knowledgeable. Fixed the unit quickly and explained the process and effects of the repair/maintenance. Will always call ES from now on! Very happy with the work.

Joni N.

Top Notch Service

James, the technician was very efficient and professional. Our attic space is very challenging to access and he managed to survive the adventure stoically! Did a great job of explaining system status and what was checked. Top notch overall.

Jim L.

Outstanding Service

105 heat index day and AC not working correctly. Ryan Boyles was the tech that came to help. Diagnosed problem very quickly and fixed the issue. Looked at warranty package and determined the repair was warranty work…so NO charge. Outstanding.

Roy O.