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Air Conditioning Systems Design

Air Conditioning Systems Design

When having a new air conditioner installed, even when simply replacing an existing one, it’s important that your HVAC technicians perform due diligence in the design process. Without the right calculations and attention to detail, you risk having a system either too big for your home (costing you money in excess electricity) or too small and therefore unable to keep your family cool.

Efficient Systems Heating & Air Conditioning is a Beaumont, TX area leader in air conditioning system design and installation. If you’re ready to have a new system added to your home or you need to replace your current system, call us to learn more about our design and installation process.

Remodeling & AC Replacement

We frequently work with homeowners who are in the process of remodeling their homes or replacing their systems due to age or recent additions.

We specialize in designing air conditioning systems around any situation and all types of homes. Our AC system design experts have the knowledge and skills needed to custom create a system for any home, be they brand new or decades old. Whatever your needs, know that we can analyze and incorporate them into your home’s cooling system.

Air Conditioner Load Calculations

To ensure your new air conditioner is designed to fit the exact needs of your home, we first perform a load calculation of your home. This process involves analyzing your home’s total square footage, insulation, ventilation, and energy source to choose and install an air conditioner that offers exactly as much cooling power as you need.

If your system has too little power, your home will never be cool enough in the hottest months of summer. A system that’s too large will cycle on and off constantly, not only costing you money in electricity, but putting an unnecessary burden on your air conditioner, leading to frequent repairs and early replacement.

Two Stage Air Conditioners

One way we can reduce the warm up period between air conditioning cycles and reduce the wear on your system from constantly on and off cycling is by installing a two stage system. These systems are designed to run at one of two levels – 67% and 100% capacity. By carefully cycling between each capacity, your system is able to maintain a constant cooling temperature between noon and eight PM – the warmest hours of the day.

Zone Control Systems

Zone control is another option for custom designed air conditioning systems. Instead of cooling your entire home to the same temperature, our technicians can install zone systems that provide thermostat control in various areas or rooms of your choosing. Instead of heating or cooling your entire home to the same temperature, this allows you to change temperatures in only the areas you specify, not only lowering your energy use, but ensuring everyone is comfortable.

Energy Star Air Conditioners

We take pride in only carrying and installing air conditioning systems that carry the now internationally recognized Energy Star label. With the Energy Star stamp of approval, you know that you’re getting an AC unit that utilizes the latest technology to maximize energy efficiency, saving you significant amounts of money on your monthly cooling bills.

To learn more about the Energy Star program, you can visit the official Energy Star website here.

Quality Air Conditioning Units

Your air conditioner is an important part of your comfort at home. It reduces humidity and heat during the worst of summer and partners with your heating system to help maintain year–round comfort. So when it comes time to have a new AC unit installed, call the Beaumont, Texas area air conditioning design experts at Efficient Systems.