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New Home HVAC Construction Design

New Home HVAC Construction Design

In a new home, one of the most important things done prior to the first owners moving in is the installation of a well calibrated heating and air conditioning system. Professional HVAC design is critical because without it, an improperly sized or calibrated system will lead to excessively high energy bills and more frequent repairs. It’s also likely that an improperly designed system will break down and need replacement far sooner than an appropriately designed one.

That’s why it’s important to call the experts at Efficient Systems Heating & Air Conditioning. Our Beaumont, TX area HVAC design experts know how to handle the design and installation of HVAC systems in all types of new construction projects. Years of training and experience mean you can count on our technicians to create the perfect custom solution for your new home.

ACCA Load Calculation Details

Using the newest edition of the ACCA Manual J for load calculation, we carefully analyze each new construction home we work on to ensure any HVAC system installed will provide the exact amount of heating, cooling and ventilation needed throughout the year.

Insulation Options

Insulation plays a large role in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures as well as HVAC system efficiency. When installing new insulation, it’s important that both the legal regulations of the municipality and the particulars of the individual home are taken into account. Without proper insulation, an HVAC system will be forced to work harder and therefore waste energy. However, insulation must also take into account ventilation needs.

We provide both traditional Batt insulation for simple, low cost options, as well as blown in cellulose or denim insulation to provide both a higher R factor and a green alternative to many synthetic options on the market today. Rigid board insulation is one of the most effective insulation options on the market today, offering R values of up to R–8 per inch and coming in many variations.

If unsure whether synthetic, petroleum based, or natural green insulation is best for your new construction home, be sure to discuss your needs with one of our representatives to determine the best R value for cost benefit.

Proper Attic Ventilation

Proper ventilation is as important as high efficiency insulation. While traditional ventilation in the rest of your home is necessary to maintain a steady flow of fresh air, attic ventilation is also recommended to reduce attic temperatures and lower the amount of cooling needed during the summer months. By equalizing the temperature in attic with a ventilation fan, you can cut down on a significant source of wasted cooling energy.

Zone Control Systems

When an HVAC system is installed in a new home, a great way to reduce energy loss and improve comfort control is to use zone control. These systems allow us to install a thermostat in each room of the house to electronically control where the heating or cooling is distributed. Rooms not in use won’t be heated or cooled and individuals don’t have to worry about a house–wide temperature that isn’t comfortable for them.

Zoning technology is easier and less expensive than ever to install, especially during new construction, so make sure to ask about it when your HVAC system is being designed.

Two Stage HVAC Systems

A two stage system is designed to reduce how many times it cycles on and off during the day. One stage systems have only capacity – 100%. When needed, they turn on and churn out as much heated or cooled air as is necessary to reach the thermostat setting. Once it reaches that level, they turn off until needed again.

Proper sizing of your heating and cooling system will reduce the number of on and off cycles that take place, but a good two stage system will go a step further by providing a second option of only 67% capacity. Instead of running at full capacity all day and over heating or over cooling your home repeatedly, the system will run at only 67% capacity and then turn up to 100% capacity, when necessary, to meet the thermostat settings. This results in better humidity control, better temperature control and lower costs in general.

To get the very best out of your HVAC system, you need a technician to design it that has the knowledge and training needed to take into account every aspect of your new home. The Beaumont, Texas area HVAC design specialists at Efficient Systems have the skills, training and experience to custom design a system to work in any size and style of new home. Call us today to discuss your options.