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Zone Control Systems

Zone Control System Installation and Maintenance in Lumberton

There are a number of options available to greatly increase the efficiency of the heating and cooling system in your home. One such option is a zone control system. A zone control system, when properly installed, will allow you to control when and where in your home heating and cooling are distributed. Instead of one master thermostat activating the entire heating and cooling system whenever it is triggered, multiple thermostats can be set according to your specific needs.

If you are interested in learning more about zone control systems and the specific benefits they can offer your Lumberton home, call the experts of Efficient Systems Heating & Air Conditioning today. We can help you choose a zone control system that matches your needs and then install it for you.

Benefits of a Lumberton Zone Control System Installation

There are many benefits to having a zone control system installed in your home. First, the zone control system allows you to set up multiple thermostats throughout your house. You can have a thermostat on each floor of your home, or individual rooms based on how often those rooms are inhabited. What this does is allow you to determine when heating and cooling will be distributed to certain parts of your home.

For example, if you’re all downstairs watching TV, there’s no reason for the heat to be on upstairs in empty bedrooms. At the same time, if your family is watching TV and you’re in the kitchen cooking, you may not want the heat on in the kitchen. These are both opportunities for you to turn off the heat in areas where it is not needed, saving you money. Zone control systems are also often programmable, allowing you to determine exactly when the heating and cooling will come on automatically.

Installation of a New Zone Control System In Your Lumberton Home

If you’re interested in having a zone control system installed in your home, the first step is to call Efficient Systems and ask to talk to one of our zone control experts. We can visit your home and perform a thorough inspection of your existing heating and cooling system to determine how well a new system will integrate with your existing components.

The installation process is relatively simple and can be performed in less than a day. Call us today to learn more about all of our zone control system installation options. If you have an existing zone control system, we are also available to discuss maintenance and repair issues if any should develop with your system.