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Long winter months typically come with increased energy bills. Use these four strategies to boost your home’s energy-efficiency this winter. From additional insulation to LED lighting, these tips and tricks are great for a DIY homeowner and can reduce your utility bills in the winter and throughout the year.

Here’s a great place to start: schedule a heating tune-up with the team at Efficient Systems. Heating maintenance helps your heater run better and more efficiently through the colder months of the year, saving you money on your utility bills.

Our 4 tips for improving your home’s winter energy-efficiency

1. Add more attic insulation

Have a professional add attic insulation to your home to boost your winter energy-efficiency.


Without proper insulation, your furnace is sending heat through your roof. Don’t try to heat your yard with your furnace, but be sure you have sufficient attic insulation to improve your energy-efficiency. A small investment of insulation can dramatically reduce your heat bill.

The U.S. Department of Energy offers a helpful fact sheet that allows you to check the proper amount of insulation in your area. Depending on your local climate, the exact R-value, or thickness of insulation, can vary.

Your attic is the easiest place to add more insulation. It’s also the most efficient use of insulation because hot air rises. However, small air leaks throughout your home can also significantly increase your energy costs.

2. Use ceiling fans to reduce HVAC costs

Some HVAC systems don’t properly circulate air throughout a home. If you don’t have enough vents or improper ductwork installation, your home may have significant warm spots and cool spots. Use ceiling fans to circulate air throughout your home.

A ceiling fan is an energy-efficient and affordable option compared to installing additional ductwork or turning up your thermostat. Dial your furnace down this winter and your AC down this summer and use fans to keep your air well circulated.

At Efficient Systems, we can work with you to identify the efficiency of your system. An inefficient system may require maintenance or replacement to restore affordable, comfortable climate control throughout your home.

3. Install low-flow plumbing fixtures

Your plumbing fixtures are a common cause of high energy bills. Your hot water heater is a particular source of high electricity, propane, or natural gas costs. Here are a few ways you can reduce the costs of your shower and other fixtures:

  • Turn down your hot water heater thermometer
  • Install low-flow shower heads
  • Install low-flow faucet aerator
  • Use cold water for your washing machine

These tips are all easy for DIY homeowners. Be sure to choose the proper size of shower head or faucet aerator. A professional plumber can easily swap these out for you, but they are straightforward projects if you have a wrench and a free afternoon.

4. Switch to LED lighting

In the past, LED lightbulbs were a considerable investment. LED lights are surprisingly affordable and offer dramatic reductions in your energy bill. Switch to LED bulbs and you cold cut up to one-third of the price off your electricity bill.

Don’t forget lamps, outdoor lighting and other lightbulbs in your home. These smaller light sources may be costing you more than your main lighting.

Contact Efficient Systems for more home energy-efficiency tips

At Efficient Systems, we work hard to provide affordable, energy-efficient solutions for homeowners throughout our area. Schedule a heating tune-up today to find out how you can save money on your utility bills in Beaumont, TX.